Ambassadors for Change

Our Ambassadors for Change are a fundamental part of Survivors Can Shine. They are positive leaders and role models who deliver guidance, and direction to their peers. They empower others to use their voice and are an
inspiration to the community

Marsha Hutton

"I am honoured to be an Ambassador for Change. Being a sufferer of childhood abuse, Survivors Can Shine is very close to my heart. In my opinion, it is an organisation that is needed. Giving children a voice and the tools to be able to help themselves if they find themselves in a situation where abuse is involved, in whatever form it may be is vital. Every child should know how to stay safe.
Being a part of the I Shine We Shine track has given me a sense of healing and belonging. It feels good to know that in turn, it will help and protect others.
Overall, it has been a pleasure to be working alongside a woman with so much passion and determination to create much needed change, that woman being Rosa. She is a STAR."

Maya Glace-Green

"I am honoured to be an ambassador for change. It’s an honour to be part of an organisation that gives young people a voice and a sense of community in speaking out against abuse, or any trauma they may have endured.
There are very few organisations giving children the tools they need to be able to help themselves in such an engaging and appealing way. Therefore, I’m glad to be part of this inspiring work.  
Being part of the track has been an amazing experience as I get to use my hobby of music and singing to do good and in turn help children. I use my voice to give other children a voice.  
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this journey."

Michelle Johnson

"The best feeling is knowing I am not alone in this, my biggest fear was that I would be judged for what happened to me. I didn't feel I could speak to anyone as I was made to feel it was my fault and told not to say anything. I could not tell my mum as she verbally abused me and her mood swings are unpredictable. The thought of telling a teacher was too overwhelming and I had begun to completely isolate myself.
I was so relieved to work with Rosa and people who are supportive and truly understand. With her encouragement I got an advocate and see a counsellor and have been able to tell my best friends. They now know what to do if they are worried about a friend and I have also been able to help others.
 I started to find I could concentrate and have finish my exams. I've gained so much confidence and strength and no longer live in silence and shame. When you speak out you don't have that anxiety and the weight of the world on your shoulders. You can finally breathe. I am an Ambassador For Change!"

Aimee Brimson

"My name is Aimee, I’m a young person who tried to get the help I was desperately needing at school; I needed to be safeguarded from things I was experiencing at home. But my school failed me; they turned me away when I needed them most. It's not easy telling a teacher what's happening.

These things need to be spoken about more openly, children need safeguarding, they need support in a way they can express themselves in their own language.

Rosa listened, she made me realise I am not alone and helped me recognise my strengths. I know my voice is important and I will be heard. I am now working with the police so that they can learn from what happened to me and help improve their training.

I hope the I Shine Speak Out program will be in every school and children can have a different story to my own. I am proud to be an Ambassador for change.

Poem: I wrote this after my school turned me away when I tried to get help. I then struggled on my own which led me to feel like no one was able to see what I was going through, even when I tried."  
Everyone has a smile that goes on for a mile
But behind this one...
There's a terrified girl...
Everyone has eyes that sparkle and shine,
Though hers are covered in scare.
Everyone has a mind full of creation,
But hers is full of devastation.
Everyone has ears to hear lovely things,

Unfortunately hers are to drown.

 Everyone's different 

And so is she.

Different is unique

And unique is what she is

Faith is what she needs...

Thank you for listening : )